The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Huh? What kind of experiment did you do?

Here're is a resized D800 to the same 15MP size as SD1, it's tack sharp to the last pixel, good luck finding anything close:

Nikon D800 resized to 15MP

victorgv wrote:

Just stupid experiment these two images resized down sd1 and d800e from dpreview d800e one is half size and sd1 resized to the same dimensions (it should put sd1 to disadvantage i think).

one of the images was adjusted saturation,exposure contrast and tint (not very good job just dont tear me apart please ) so they will look more similar. Still pretty easy to guess wich one is sigma and wich one is d800e.

Raist3d wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

pixel_peeper wrote:

Try resizing the D800E shots down to about 20 Mpx, and they'll probably look as good on a monitor as your DP2M shots.

This statement has been flying around here for as long as Foveon changed the technology game plan for imagers. Your operative words of "try" and "probably" say it all. The answer is they won't. But keep trying for a probable result.

Because for a while it has also been proven at least by some resized down bayers look pretty good next to Sigmas.  Of course in your commentary some of the current foveon artifacts are probably ignored as well as superior dynamic range by the Nikon d800e's sensor which depending of the subject being photographed will make one look better than the other (and pets not talk about high iso in color), but maybe you also meant those cases where the d800e would indeed look better as part of "not looking the same. "

Certainly both are extremely capable in their better circumstances.

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