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Re: Whoa, that EVF is HUUUGE!

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peppermonkey wrote:

It's beastly! I'm sure I would enjoy the view the EVF would give but holy crap I think it's gigantic and a huge eye sore! The tiny EVF for my GF1 was already rather ungainly looking but the one for the E-P5 is...well...just something else...

Well I own and E-P3 with VF-2 and it is very big too. Look at those pictures through Google Images : to my eyes, the new EVF didn't seem bigger than the VF-2 or VF-3

Scroll down through the Google photos and you'll find a number of images with the EVF at the same angle as in the OP.  It may be about the same size as the VF2 on the outside dimensions, but the VF2 was rounded on its edges to reduce apparent size.  Makes a big difference.

What I meant is that the VF-2 is already out of proportion on the E-P3, same for the VF-3. May be that the VF-4 is even slightly bigger, but I hope that the E-P5 will still be compatible with the VF-2 ?

I'm sorry, but this thing looks simply ridiculous perched atop a nicely designed slender body, even more of an after-thought in appearance than the out-sized VF2 on the E-P2.  It's like they threw up their hands and said "let's just throw a TV atop it".  Hmmm...buy an E-P5 and get a free TV?  Oh, that's right, they'll likely charge an extra $250 for that, could get a nice 32" LCD for that .

Thank you Olympus for killing any possible E-P5 lust I may have had, all set with my E-M5.  I can live with its built-in EVF, which is actually very nice.  I'm sure it will soon feel like a bargain.

It is cumbersome for sure. I prefer the integrated VF too.

Now the E-PM2 at around $400 ($350 after you sell off the kit lens) as a spare 16 MP sensored body, that's intriguing.

I won't get an E-Pm2 without because it has a fixed LCD. Without VF, an E-Pl5 with the flip up LCD makes a better choice IMO.

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