Perfectly Clear by Athentech, RAW workflow enhancement?

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Re: Perfectly Clear by Athentech, RAW workflow enhancement?

keeponkeepingon wrote:

A limited version of perfectly clear is built into Corel's aftershot pro. 
It addresses 2 of your issues. The whole thing is $59 (cost) and the plugin is better integrated allowing non destructive edits without generating a new copy.

This is very interesting, as I'm also very disappointed with LR4 AutoTone performance, and I'm a former Bibble Pro user. When Bibble Labs was taken over by Corel, LR was taking off, and I liked what I was seeing out of LR more than what I liked out of Bibble Pro.

But the problems with AutoTone in LR4 have been frustrating, and Adobe seems to be sticking it's head in the sand. In Adobe forums, they seem to be completely puzzled by why people don't think it works, and people have shown that PSCSx's autocorrect (and LR 2/3 AutoTone) does a superior job. It seems (from reports of others who've used the Beta - I haven't), it remains broken in LR5, even though the situation has been reported to them for well over a year. What do you do when a company is unresponsive and continues down a path ignoring that a key feature doesn't work? Well, thankfully, that's why we have competition, and I get to vote with my wallet!

So between Adobe sticking it's head in the sand regarding this issue, bloating LR up with features I'm not really interested in (i.e. books and slideshows, which I use other dedicated software for), I think it's time to reconsider LRx.

A bonus is that considering the way Windows is going with Windows 8, I think I'd much rather run Linux. In fact, I'm typing this on a laptop running Zorin 6.2 (an Ubuntu variant that has a very flexible UI - my wife is using a Windows 7-like skin, and I'm trying out the OS/X-like skin), and Corel's Aftershot Pro seems to be the premier RAW converter  for the Linux OS.

But I'm also considering Perfectly Clear and DxO Pro Optics 8, and will likely perform some tests using the trial versions.

I wonder how they like Wine.

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