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Re: revenues down the same as units (but about 19%, not 43%)

jim stirling wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

Still, I'm surprised at the relatively significant decline in mirrorless ILC sales.

>So am I. For the time being, it appears that mirrorless is no longer taking market share away from DSLRs.

Hi Michael

I think that a significant portion of initial sales numbers were driven in large part by DSLR owners looking for a smaller lighter back up kit to go alongside their main system. That was certainly my initial interest though I have bought into the quite substantially . Obviously there were many who went into the system hook line and sinker but not in the quantities the initial sales numbers indicated. Now, with the competition growing in the small carry around market from a number of directions including a number of other mirrorless systems, the growth of the large sensor compact sector, and even at the lower end many seem satisfied with their mobile phone cameras. The fundamental advantage of mFT is size and weight if you remove that particular criteria it becomes easy to get more for your money {regarding image quality at least}.

I am not too surprised as in the last year or so there have been some excellent DSLR cameras especially from Nikon with excellent class leading sensor performance in all ranges from the D5200 –D7100-D600-D800-D800E-D4, Canon though their APS cameras have not exactly been  revolutionary, the have also done well with their FF models. I firmly believe that sooner or later mirrorless will dominate the market, the difference with some here is that I do not think it will be mFT that inherits the earth. The on-going losses of Olympus and Panasonic imaging departments in what many were promoting as a supposed boom time in mFT sales says quite a bit. At least to those of us who do not cite Flickr groups as a source of sales data

It is rather amusing that the same people who jumped on every tiny snippet of positive data { all sourced from the same data sets these numbers represent] who were spouting the old DSLR's are dead routine , have trouble accepting these numbers


i've watched this thread with great amusement, it seems all manufacturers will be having a tough year regardless of system type. The twisting of the figures to suit viewpoints is even funnier, a bit like watching an England match in the pub were we lose to the Germans by penalties, most of us just shrug have another beer and talk about something else, some get aggressive and can't accept what has just happened and go on endlessly that England in reality won the match but were robbed!. It looks tough going for manufacturers this year, lets hope they all make it through.

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