Europe with One Lens

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Craig Gillette Veteran Member • Posts: 9,559
Re: Europe with One Lens

Don't know if one lens would be "right" for  you.  I'm considering the idea of a small camera - RX100 or NEX with kit zoom - but not having been to Europe, worry some about not having the tele capability to maybe get some smallish but distant exquisite detail of some sort.  The alternative is kit creep and I'll be back with a dslr and three lenses to schlep around.

OTOH, I don't see the need for the Black Rapid type strap on a small camera like an Nex or RX100, etc.  They aren't so heavy as to need more exotic weight control measures nor are you going to be swapping cameras around quickly.  Nor  am I sure that allowing the camera to swing free at the hip is necessarily the right approach as a casual tourist assuming one doesn't want to stand out.

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