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MrJamela wrote:

I'm going to Europe soon and I'm toying with the idea of bringing my NEX 6 and only one lens -- the Zeiss 24mm 1.8.

I also have the 50mm 1.8 and the kit lens available to me.

I'm expecting to be walking around a lot, and every extra ounce seems like it will add up quickly. And I love the pics I get with this lens. I feel like if I have both lenses I will constantly be thinking about what to use rather than just chilling out and taking pics.

Is this a terrible idea? Do I need that extra bit of range for museums, etc.? Should I be looking at options to go wider or um, zoomier?

And then on a similar note, has anyone tried the Black Rapid Metro ? I like the idea of just wearing my camera when we are walking about instead of constantly fidgeting with my bag. Am I asking for undo attention if I have my camera across my body like this when I am sightseeing in London and Paris?



You are the photographer - you see what you see and record it the way you deem best. That's the artist in you.

With a single lens, you will 'think through the lens' more than with multiple, or with a zoom lens.

For Europe, you need a fast and wide lens, and the E24Z is an easy lens to go traveling with in Europe. You may find it even to be too narrow at times. Take the E16, or one of the zoom kits if you can.

For the shots that you won't get - who cares? They are mostly tourist snapshots in the end.

But the shots that you do get - they will be more interesting if it is your only lens.

You draw more attention in Europe with a camera dangling on your body than with a camera bag, imho. Especially in churches, etc. But cameras, and tourist, are very common, so don't be shy.

If you travel in a group, I would consider taking more lenses, just for the group shots, individual shots, etc. - the E24Z may not be your preferred lens then. The E50 is a nice alternative to have.

Lastly, the E24Z is an expensive lens - I would carry it in a small bag, even if you have a 'quick strap' to hang it from. You can combine the two, can't you?

Instead of a camera bag - consider a lens jacket? Hang it on your belt?

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