Portable hard drive for use on both Mac and PC?

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Re: Portable hard drive for use on both Mac and PC?

Kyogle wrote:

newtoy wrote:

newtoy wrote:

Just format the drive on the Mac using MSDOS (Fat) format. (Using the buildin "Disk Utility"). Then you can read and write to the drive with PC and Mac. Its that easy!

Forgot to mention, maximum 32GB only!!!

For a moment there I was feeling quite elated However only 32GB is as you know not enough. I was hoping to use a 500GB portable hard drive and add 8-16GB each day to it.

Format the drive with exFAT instead and you won't have the 32GB limit.  I share a drive between Mac and Windows and use exFAT with no problems.  Both OS's can read/write it, assuming Mac Snow Leopard or later and Windows 7 or later.  I don't remember if Windows XP supported it.

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