6D birds in flight

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Re: 6D birds in flight

Schwany wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Schwany wrote:

Most people that like using the back button for focus turn off the focus function on the shutter button.

Not sure if most people.  But it's a puzzle to me too.  I heard some said back button improves AF accuracy.  I thought it's just a different customization.  How the back button can improve AF accuracy as it's lens and AF engine related?  Anyway I am so used to shutter and don't want to change habit unless it actually has AF related advantage.

You are correct about "most". I should never make assumptions. I think Chuck Westfall recommends separating the two functions when using back button focus, and he wrote up a little guide on how to do it. It's somewhere on the Canon site.

I can't see how on earth using the back button is going to improve focus either. It does exactly the same thing as using the shutter button for focus. I'd rather use my thumb to help hold the camera up than be pressing on that little button. My action photography hit rate improved once I stopped using the back button for focus. I had a tendency to let pressure off of it during a pan burst and would end up with OOF frames at the end. Plus for me it really is sort of awkward even after doing it for a few years.

I dont think it improves focus but I definitely need focus and shutter totally separate when in AI SERVO mode.

For years I have ran with single center focus point, I would focus on the object of interest until it locks focus, then keeping the button half pressed, reframe for composition and take the picture. This behavior is WELL SET into my brain.

Enter AI Servo at the moment I became interested in moving birds. Now I focus on the bird, attempt to reframe and AI SERVO immediately defocuses the lens. You must have the two functions separate for birds. It's OK when they are on the ground you could run with single shot but what if you need to be ready for them to fly too.

I don't see any other way it could be done except for two buttons, so pretty much it has to be a back button, right?

In the field the last few times I had no choice but to use the DO-NOT-FOCUS buttons on the EF 300 f/2.8 lens. That is super irritating though. In any type of cold weather I cannot feel when they are depressed or not.


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