I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Watch this...

This is one of the best lectures you'll get on street photography.  For the first ten minutes its pretty pedantic, but then when the lecturer starts talking about photography styles and their evolution it gets much more interesting: [this video is roughly 65 minutes long so save it when you can watch it all the way through]


Best way for you to understand street photography is to do it.  So your assignment is to pick a street out of your town, village or city and document life on that street for two days.  Try to take pics that show types of people there, things they do, images that reveal the people's inner feelings.  You are doing this assignment for National Geographic (not really but pretend you are) so its important to get some good pics, more than one.

Trite street photo subjects:

1.  Wrinkled old man or woman

2.  Beautiful women

Both over done.

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