Lightroom Performance Advantage on MacPro: Separate or Partitioned SSD's?

Started Apr 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
noirdesir Forum Pro • Posts: 13,487
Re: SSD for performance, partition for backup

Majikthize wrote:

There is a non-speed advantage to partitioning, though, and that is that you can easily backup your data separately from your OS and apps.

Except for SuperDuper and TM, every backup program can have a folder as source (and destination), you don't need to have your data on separate volumes to set up separate backups.

Putting only OS and apps on a smaller boot volume requires less space for Time Machine and system clones.

But you have to set up backups for every volume separately which is extra work

And, putting libraries or catalogs on their own volume makes it easy to have multiple backups.

Again not needed except for TM and essentially SuperDuper.

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