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Re: Yes, its about light, that is what we are trying to explain :-)

MikeInIndy wrote:

It's not irrelevant, it's just not nearly as relevant as you want it to be to prove your arguments.

It is no more and or less relevant to the current argument - for the same IQ, you pay less for FF lens. lets stick tot he 16--85 vs 24-120 and 17-55 vs 24-85 example. you have made no concrete argument against this point.

Below ISO 1600 the output of these two cameras is indistinguishable using a reasonable metric to assess them.

What is more correct is D7100 iso 1250 and D600 ISO 3000 are indistinguishable.. thus you can afford to use cheaper lenses.

Specifically, I base that on DXOMarks results, their ISO score is based on an ISO standard for assessing noise and ISO rating of sensor or film speed and a bar that is set for visually acceptable based on a 12x8 300 dpi print.  The D7100 scores 1256, the D600 scores nearly 3000, that's where your stop of "better" comes into play.

good to see you understanding half of the argument.

Until you get to ISO 1600 the D7100's image quality would still be considered excellent by normal people.

But that is not the point is it? the point is D600 provides the same quality at 2.5 times the ISO.

To put it another way, pictures taken with both cameras with the same settings up to ISO 1600 will be for all purposes indistinguishable other than a difference in DOF, presuming one uses a 50% longer lens for FX.

firstly, they may well be distingquishable. secondly the real issue is  D7100 iso 1250 and D600 ISO 3000 are indistinguishable. That is why you can get away with cheaper lenses.

So again, your argument can only hang its hat on performance above ISO 1600, and DOF.

rubbish. the difference exist at every ISO, just to different degree.

You can beat the horse dead all you want,

the horse is very well alive. and you are beating it right now.

and point to numbers and formulas all day,

Isnt that what you are doing with DXO numbers?

but photography is still all about output.

That is exactly right. D7100 iso 1250 and D600 ISO 3000 are indistinguishable. cheaper lens for D600.

And again, I point you to the proof in the pudding, which is use THIS SITES STUDIO COMPARISON TOOL and compare the cameras at ISO 1600.

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