what image viewer you use on Mac?

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Re: what image viewer you use on Mac?

The closest you'll get to Windows is something similar to what was suggested above, but not quite. Instead of selecting just one image and pressing the spacebar, you should select all (or multiple) and press the spacebar. Then click the full screen arrows in the top right corner.

What this does is open the selected images in a full screen slideshow, and you can press the left/right arrows to go from photo to photo like you can in Windows. You might prefer using QuickLook this way. (Someone called it QuickView earlier, but it's QuickLook.)

If you only select one image, OS X restricts you to the up/down arrows only, unless the window is in Icon view. That's why it's better to select multiple and go full screen.

I don't use Preview much, because its clunkiness is comparable to the Finder, if not worse. If you have Photoshop, you can throw a folder onto the Bridge icon for a quick view. Media Pro is OK for that too. iPhoto, of course, is a disaster as a casual image browser.

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