85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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Re: 85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

Per the option you didn't consider, you can use an EF-to-E Speed Booster and pick up a EF 85mm f/1.8 here ( http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sdtid=5998262&sku=CN85USM&ref=cj&omid=200 ) for $330.  There may exist a $50 rebate or not.

You end up with a 85mm (FF FoV equiv) f/1.2 lens, which is not too different of a FoV from your SEL50F18 (75mm FF FoV equiv, f/1.8), but obviously faster.  It will autofocus, but not well, at least from the limited time I tried it in a store.

So I ended up picking up a barely-used EF 100mm f/2 w/OEM hood (Canon charges for their hoods) to give me a 100mm (FF FoV equiv.) f/1.4 lens, which DOES NOT autofocus, but does trigger the auto-magnification assist (very useful, autofocus not particularly missed).  Not nearly as much overlap with the SEL50F18, nor as much if I do decide to eventually pick up the SEL85F18 (when it is released, for a 128mm FF foV equiv.)

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