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Re: I think "Dramatic" is not an over-reaching descriptive...

DMillier wrote:

This has nothing to do with whether I like the results or not. It's whether I believe what you showed is an accurate portrayal of what you would gain if you swapped out a D7000 for a DP2m.

- Do I believe that the DP2m has significantly more resolution? Yes I do. But I still don't believe this comparison is representative.

(The 41MP equivalent comment came from the multiplying 30MP equivalent by 30mm/22mm, the relative difference in lens magnification used).

-The DP2m is a bit better than 24MP cams and 24Mp cams are a bit better than 16MP cams (not a lot better). The two improvements together would be significant. But not like your comparisons.

That's not my experience...

You should be getting results with similar differences to say a 450D and NEX5 - that is, quite a noticeable and worthwhile improvement. That would be in line with my own tests and the differences other sources have shown (including Imaging resource). However, your comparison is  showing ridiculous amount of difference. If it were accurate, why isn't the DP2m wiping out the D800 in every comparison instead of looking slightly worse?

Who says it's "looking worse?" I see at least one D800e user here on this forum putting his D800e on ebay after getting the DP M series cameras. One would logically "assume" that is not because he finds the DP M cameras "looking worse?" Again you draw conclusions based on rigorous testing and not from real world use experience. There are bicycles which can, under ideal controlled circumstances reach speeds of well over 80 miles per hour. This is not to say that you or I could get on one along with a group of our friends on their bicycles and duplicate those laboratory controlled experiences. What I'm doing is showing real world photography experience with the two cameras, not trying to create a laboratory experiment to wring the ultimate from each.

And why aren't we seeing the same kind results between the D800 and 16MP cameras? There is an inconsistency somewhere.

How many D800's have you compared to 16 mp cameras? I believe what I've seen indeed does depict quite a "dramatic" difference between the D800 and 16 mp cameras.

Why not decide this is a bit dubious and work up another pair of shots, equalising the settings and using completely standard processing so we can see more accurately the degree of improvement you get from the DP2m? It's still going to be a worthwhile upgrade.

Why? There are plenty of "tests" which you can look at which optimize the various cameras and lenses. What they "don't show" and what my post did show, is what a typical user will see rather than what careful preparation, lighting, aperture, lens choice and so on will show. What do you believe constitutes "completely standard processing?" Is there really any such thing? If there is I'm not aware of it.


I've mentioned this before, but now that I have a shift lens for my NEX, I can experiment with flat stitching a wide range of resolutions. It's quite counterintuitive but there is a lot smaller difference in print quality between a 16MP image and a 40MP image than you would imagine from the numbers, Unless you print huge it makes hardly any difference...

Which "40mp" image are you using from which camera? I see significant differences in print quality at even 11x14 prints myself when comparing my D7000 and DP2 Merrill. I have a hard time believing that your 16 mp NEX is "that" much better than my 16 mp Nikon. On the other hand, doing stitches with your NEX is not the same thing as shooting the original with a true 40 mp sensor. Perhaps the shift lens you are using is not giving you the same image quality as your other lens so that your 40 mp stitch is not truly representative? The important thing is that "you" are happy with the results. Sufficient number of people using the Foveon X3 14 megapixel sensor are having experiences different from yours to wonder about the differences in your experience and a multitude of other people's experiences.

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