I.S. with a tripod or not?

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Re: I.S. with a tripod or not?

BRUCEK56 wrote:

I know this has been discussed quite a bit in the past but I still seem to have difficulty getting a firm answer.

I am the photographer for a local church play this Sunday. I will be on a platform in the back of the church above the audience.

I will be using my 1DX with the Canon 70-200 I.S. F2.8 ll and a 1.4 tele-extender.

I will sitting down with the camera and lens on a tripod. I will definitely be moving the lens up and down and side to side to follow the action.

Should I leave the I.S. on under this scenario?

I have done these type theater shows many many times in the past and I am well versed in how to do them. However I have never done one using a tripod before.

I have read that the newer Canon I.S. systems can detect when the lens is on a tripod and it is ok leave it on. Yet I see other statements from users that indicate this isn't true and it should be left off.

With my up and down and side to side movement is that reason enough to leave it on?

From past experience at this venue I will be keeping my shutter speed at 1/320th (I want to prevent blur from the actors movement). I will be wide open at F4 (with tele-extender) and using auto iso.......which will fall around 6,400 to 12,800.

Any advise or previous experience using I.S. and a tripod where it will NOT be left totally stationary or locked in one position would be most appreciated.

Actually the main reason I am putting it on a tripod is because of the weight combo of the 1DX 70-200 2.8 ll I.S with tele-extender. It would be so much easier to have it mounted on a tripod and just follow the action for the long 2 hour show.

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At least with my IS generation 1, EF 300 f/2.8.. the answer was definitely NO.

In tests indoors, picture quality suffered greatly from IS ON when on a tripod.

Would suggest you do the same. Some I.S. on/off/mode1/mode2 tests with mirror lockup and with liveview shooting and you will get the definitive answer you seek. Plz share the resulting images. My results:


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