6D birds in flight

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Re: 6D birds in flight

mike clemens wrote:

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to shooting moving things. I am using a 6D with a 300mm f/2.8 IS-1 with a 1.4 EF II converter.

I have switched the cam to AI SERVO focus, and I use the button on the back of the cam  AF-ON and hold it in the entire time I am following along the bird(s). This works pretty well though initial acquisition can be painful sometimes.

1) I would like to turn off the focus feature on the shutter button, so it only operates the shutter, but right now it wants to focus too. This is the correct thing to do, right?

Most people that like using the back button for focus turn off the focus function on the shutter button. Personally, I just use the shutter button for focus and shutter. Using the back button for focus all day long gave my thumb craps. And there really is no advantage for me using the back button for focus shooting action related things. I said for me. I like using the * button for AEL. And if I feel like it, the AF-On button for focus once in a while. Only thing I ever found useful about turning off focus with the shutter is for focus and recompose. I don't do that very often though.

2) I have been using central point only, is this wise or can using all points be a good thing with BIF?

Personal preference, but your center point is your best point.

3) Can I stuff all these settings onto some kind of custom-settings slot? Sort of a pain to switch between kids/single shot, where I would want the shutter button to do all its default stuff, and this mode above I'm desiring?

Does the 6D have My Menu? If so, you can put everything you like to fool around with there and you won't have to dig through the other menus again.

Thx for any insight... i think i am on the right track and have been getting some good results,  just looking to cash in on any experience other people might share.

Mike in Alaska

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