Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

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Re: Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

I just got a Sirui N2204, and its excellent. The metal parts are made with forged aluminum instead of cast aluminum or magnesium so the parts are thinner but stronger than most tripods, and 8 layer carbon fiber legs.  Its about 55" without the column extended, and i think close to 70" with it fully extended, plus it comes with a free short center column.  its rated to 33lbs capacity, and it felt every bit as sturdy and well made as the gitzos side by side in the store.  You cant find a bad review.  There are other cool little features, like the foot spikes are built right in, you just rotate the foot and the spikes extend, and one of the legs detaches and becomes a monopod (this leg is as solid as the others when in tripod mode).  With the short column and les in the lowest position you are only less the 7" from the ground.  Its also folds back in on itself for storage, folds up to 18" i believe.  all that and it weighs between 2.7 and 2.9 lbs depending which column you have.  It checked all the boxes for me

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