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One Fuji x100s review - Part 4

Use with off-camera flash

You can read David Hobby's review (and his follow up articles ) if you want to know more. It works, it's cool, but with a 35mm-equivalent field of view, I don't know how much I'll really take advantage of that whole leaf-shutter, high sync speed thing. My Nikon, at 1/250th, is good enough ... and I can shoot at other focal lengths than 35mm-eq (my personal favorite is 100-150mm-eq range, so the X100s doesn't really do it for me.)

These are all with the Nikon SC-29 cord and SB-600, bounced off the ceiling. Don't expect to be able to command CLS flashes, get infra-red focus assistance, or do any TTL metering. You can't.

And you thought I'd have people pictures? Wrong-o!


How about some random other images?

Yeah you don't care, but here's some more crappy snapshots.

Flare is generally well-controlled, but it happens.  Note that I don't have the hood, cause I can't find it in stock anywhere.  That probably would have helped

More flare.

Pretty good results from a high-contrast scene.

By this point, I had learned to underexpose scenes like this to preserve the sky highlights, so it came out well enough.


And a few more snapshots, driving around, out the car window:

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