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One Fuji x100s review - Part 3

So-called "Street" photography (i.e. walking around and taking pictures, but urban ooo...)

Well, here is where the X100s really shines - travel and street photography. With a moderately wide-angle lens, a small size, and a quiet shutter, it's very easy to go around taking pictures all day without a sore back and/or angry onlookers (depending on what kind of pictures you're taking, you licentious lout!) I drove all the way to Portland, OR to buy the X100s, so I did some exploring while I was there. No, I don't take sneaky pictures of people. It's creepy.

Watch... what you're saying? Watch... this space? Watch...youtalkinbout? These are all ironic hipster watches that Portlander's love to buy.

Ironically reinforcing 1950s gender roles - it's OK cause it's ironic.

In very dim light.

Blew out the sky on this one. That's the sun behind the parking sign.

Still some blown out sky even though I underexposed and lifted the shadows later.

Ever read that Rhold Dahl book "The BFG"... "Bagged dad in Bagdad"

Back side of the same building. Why not.

Showcasing strong dynamic range of the RAW files.

I had to underexpose about 2 stops to hold the sky from blowing out. But the shadows lift up cleanly so... not bad.

X100s got the white balance SO WRONG on this one. Curse those froward fustilarians!

And the sky is.... gone! Blown to all hell.

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