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One Fuji x100s review - Part 2

Image Quality

There's not much to say here - this is the camera's strongest point. High-resolution, good noise control (perhaps because you can't turn it off), good colors and dynamic range, nice lens that is very sharp when stopped down a bit.

Plus, there are already tons of sample images and comparisons out there, with 100% crops for all y'all pernicious pixel-peepers. (To quote Jay-Z: What more can I say? What more can I do?)

So, I'll throw up a bunch of my spleeny snapshots, as if that somehow proves something.

Those Fuji Blues? Or missed the WB? You decide

Underexposed to hold the sky, then lifted the shadows.

Same as above.

Very minimal distortion (although from what I've read, that's corrected automatically and baked into the RAW file)


Bareeeeely held on to the sky highlights in this one. Close call.


Macro Mode

Despite what CNET says, this camera does a decent job in macro mode, as long as you stop down a bit. With a 10 cm (3.94") minimum focus distance, you can get pretty good macro photos. The main boondoggle is that you have to manually switch the camera to "macro mode" like a point-and-shoot, and then remember to switch back when you are done. This is a pain, but having (effectively) a focus limiter system, it probably helps the autofocus speed quite a bit.

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