NEX for Aerial photography

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Re: NEX for Aerial photography

You want to do plenty of research.  But basically this is a pivotal moment in aerial photography with lots of brushless gimbals coming out on the market now and soon.

Visit for some quads, hex's and octo's that can carry a NEX.  I prefer to use the RX100 because of it's onboard stabilization and it has slightly cleaner video than my NEX5n or 7.

Here is a great thread with all the brushless gimbals that will be coming out soon:

You will need a quad or hex that can carry the weight of a midsized camera + the gimbal.  A Phantom won't do it you need something with more power and carry capacity.

Also keep an eye out on the site will get updated soon and they will sell a brushless gimbal for the RX100 and NEX cameras along with the quads, Y6's, etc.

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