Getting the best out of your 6D

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Re: Getting the best out of your 6D

JLim22 wrote:

I'm not quite understanding your point...

You titled this thread "Getting the best out of your 6D" but you want to shoot RAW?  But in other threads you post that you use LR4?

Do you think you'll get better results with a different camera shooting jpegs and using it as a p&s?

The 6D's jpeg performance with all the recent built in-camera lens correction is impressive.  I was astounded by the final product of the OOC jpegs I get shooting wide-open on my 85mm 1.8 knowing what results I'd often get doing so in bright contrasty conditions in RAW.  The final product of an OOC jpeg with the 85mm 1.8 in bright conditions wide opened was equivalent to me spending a good 10-15 minutes working the RAW if not more time!

Olympus has good jpegs too but they don't correct for CA which many MFT lenses can have a LOT of!  Thus the only true contender for best jpeg is probably Fujifilm which I agree their x-Trans jpeg results are stunning.  But I'd say the 6D with jpegs is not far off, and some will prefer the OVF and trusted ergonomics/handling and PDAF system.

The title of my post is confusing here but the images in this link are full sized OOC jpeg shots with default settings.

I was metering hot on this...if you can't tell very bright scene shooting wide open at f1.8 hitting the 1/4k shutter cap easily.  Somehow the camera must have adjusted the results accordingly to my ETTR shot...

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