The X20's Green Problem

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Bayer sensor was NIH

Nukunukoo wrote:

Indeed. Probably, if Fuji stuck to the OLPF-less Bayer pattern and since the sensor is BSI to begin with, they would not have this smear/RAW incompatibility problems.

The Bayer pattern sensor was invented by some guy (forgot his name, maybe Bruce Bayer?) working at Kodak.

Not Invented Here!

Seems like every new color filter array that Fujifilm comes up with is worse than the last. SuperCCD SR has die-hard fans, but I never used it. For dynamic range EXR trades off resolution, which is not very important to me as a website author.

I dunno, have not made up my mind, maybe X-Trans is good for larger sensors.

P.S. Probably Fujifilm abandoned SuperCCD because of its non-standard hexagonal sensor pattern, which was expensive to manufacture in small quantities. EXR is basically a normal (e.g. Sony) sensor rotated 45 degrees. Most are made by Toshiba now. X-Trans is a regular sensor, unrotated, with a different color filter on top. Cheap to make!

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