GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: more high speed sport, toward camera, SAF mode

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SAF with EM-5, 75-300 hand-held, 4fps from the beach, no pre-focus, just letting the camera get on with the job. The boats are coming toward me at greater than 50mph. Shooting toward the sun with up to +2ev dialled in. Success rate for focus in over 1000 shots was >90% (compositionally an awful lot less, but that was down to the photographer   )

Your DOF at f6-f8 is like a FF DSLR at f12-f16.

The DOF is so big you almost can't miss focus.

Do you carry an FF and a 500-600mm lens normally?

If not then how are you going to get those shots with nice shallow DOF?

No, I carry a 300mm f2.8 lens for sports, as well as a 70-200mm f2.8.

My DOF at 90ft with the 300mm is 4.61ft at f2.8

The OP's DOF at 35mm at 90ft is 1713.8 ft at f 2.8

The OP's DOF at 45mm at 90ft is 74.8 ft at f1.8

For those of you saying "we can stick some fast glass on too for seperation", have you ever looked at a DOF calculator?

Funnily enough I have looked at a DoF calculator, and as far as I know wider apetures results in smaller DoF. Are you saying it doesn't?

You have confused me.

Yes wider apertures result in shallower DOF. So do longer focal lenghts is the distance to subject is the same.

This is why the OP's DOF gets shallower with a longer FL and wider aperture.

Your statement/question proves to me that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Hahahaha, oh you crack me up, you really do. Yes of course a shorter focal length would have a deeper DoF at the same aperture and focus distance. That doesn't stop the fact that if you want shallow DoF with m4/3 you can still use fast glass. I've posted examples of this in this thread of sports shooting with the 35-100mm. When the 150mm comes out you'll be able to get all the isolation you could ever need for sports shooting.

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