The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Re: The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

hexxthalion wrote:

rattymouse wrote: that I cant look at my Bayer images the same way anymore.   I took my X100 with me to Suzhou because I wanted to have a wide angle lens available.   Images off that camera, which I used to love, just dont do it for me anymore.  Not even close.


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I hear you!!!! Went to Palermo 3 weeks ago, took with me DP2M, X-Pro1 with 18mm f/2 and 35mm f/1.4 lenses, Leica M6 with Voight 50mm f/1.5.

Used all cameras, 2 rolls from M6, cca 100 photos from DP2M and roughly 500 from Fuji.

The subjects which I captured with both Fuji and Sigma can't be compared at all. It's not just sheer amount of detail, it's also different 'look'.

Details from Sigma come out so naturally looking (I haven't had a need to use sharpening on photos from Sigma yet) where Fuji files, even though brilliant, need some sharpening but then the results don't look as natural as those from Sigma.

But I have now very well balanced gear for pretty much most of the situations - Sigma for hi-res captures and portraiture, Fuji for high ISO/low light and Leica for fun

Good to hear that.  I myself use Leica M9P+21/35/50 lenses and DP3M.  Different focal lengths serve different purposes, and I love them all.  Have I ever compared if the little monster DP3M or the DP Merrill series can replace my Leica?  Never.  Why need to?  Just don't see how people here are so technical minded, trying to comparing DP Merrill against D800E!?!?  Each has its own area to shine or to be ashamed.  Cameras are used to take photos, and photography is about arts, not science.  Why not just post more photos here to show others how good one is using its gears to take good photos, instead of arguing about how much they know about their gears.  There are people who can shoot wonderful shots barely with an iPhone, and there are also people who take shxtty photos even with a Leica S2.  Then what?  Totally pointless.

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