Compatibility of new Canon 600 EX-RT speedlights with Canon 5dMK2 camera.

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Re: Compatibility of new Canon 600 EX-RT speedlights with Canon 5dMK2 camera.

Jarvis393 wrote:

I  shoot with a Canon 5dMk2.  I would like to upgrade to a Mk3 someday but don't see the imperative right now.  The 5dMk2 is already so much smarter than I am I don't think I would get any better pictures from it.

I would, however, like to upgrade my lighting (skills).  I primarily shoot kitchens that my cabinet shop produces.  The majority of these are shot tethered.  Efficiency is a bigger consideration for me than budget because I usually only have about a 2 hour window to make the whole shoot happen.  This includes setting up the site and taking everything down.

Right now I have two Canon 580EX and three Nikon SB80 speedlites along with various modifiers.  I use pocket wizards to drive the canons and the canons drive the Nikons.

I am intrigued by the new Canon 600 EX-RT.  Specifically what attracts me is the ability to control power output from the camera.  Not having to walk across the room, change a setting, come back, take a shot and see how it worked would save a lot of time.  The problem sometimes when you add one light is it affects the key & fill ratios for the other lights. My lighting skills aren't that good so it would also be useful to be able to turn one light on at a time to see in real time the impact of additional lights etc.

I am pretty well sold on the merits of being able to control light from right where the laptop is tethered.  My questions now have to do with compatibility with the Canon 5DMK2.

Basic Question 1:  Can I use a SE-E3-RT Controller with a Canon 5DMK2?

Other than the loss of one stop of maximum sync speed is there any other other diminished functionality from using a 5dMK2 with these new lights as opposed to stepping up the new MK3?

I have 3 and a love RT. When in group mode and flashes are in manual I carry around my

ST-E3-RT use the test button to fire the 600's and adjust output power individually for each flash from the ST-E3-RT. My L-358 is in the other hand.

From the flash manual

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