I don't get street photography. Please explain

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some historical perspective needed

To be honest, I do agree with you. Most of what todays so call street photography is no more than glorified snaps of what the individual photographer having interest at ( not the content, just the object ) around town. By a broad scope they have lost their core value as street photography from a social documentary contex and point of view.

Street photography is nothing new. Their origin spur from early day investigative journalism such as those performed then by UK & US news reporter which brought about many changes in society in form of legal change to protect the under privileged , and this continue into the less serious social aspect of life such as that of work from Henri Cartier-Bresson ( aka HCB ) and demonstrated by old magazine like the " Life ", for which it diversify into  several gene of street photography, which govern sociological, humanistic asepcts  and even Anthropology.

Today however, I must conclude after so much flickr browsing, instagram, and so and so ... many of the so call street photography is nothing more than self proclaimed and lost the context behind the image. Those images are well images alone for their own purpose and for that they might be good photo, even good photography, but hardly in my definition street photography. The core of any street photography work lies in the documentary aspect and the social and human context that lies with the image, not just the image itself. That stated, I must state also that my definition might be more classically tuned as vs the more liberal art form of street photography as there were and there are indeed many very well taken and great street photography that are even from inception not to convey and not to document, but to express. In which form they also excel.

The gene of street photography is also tied in with the school of humanist and geo-humanist gene and one can , literally , expand from  there

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