How to determine if your 'new' camera is indeed new?

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Re: check for little dot / mark next to serial number

I think you are right about the dot.   I recently bought a Nikon 1 refurbished lens and the serial number on only that lens has a small indentation on either side of the numbers.  Looks like it was done with a small stylus.

No indents on any of the other lenses.

marcio_napoli wrote:

I have never bought a refurbished unit, so cannot tell for sure...

But last time I was at my local camera store, the guy said any refurbished units have a little dot, a small and subtle mark next to the serial number, made when these cameras go out in the wild again.

Can anyone here confirm this?  Is that true?

If so, could easily tell if your unit is new or "new".


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