What's this little bird?

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Re: What's this little bird?

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

Peter too wrote:

The goldfinch was on the danger list but the population has been growing in the UK and Ireland since 1985, partly due to new bird table seed mixes increasing winter survival rates. Some goldfinches like niger seeds and some like hearts of sunflower seeds. They will also eat seeds of teasels and thistles and are often seen on teasel and thistle heads in the wild. They can sometimes be seen in flocks of a dozen or more (a charm of goldfinches) and are recognisable by their high pitched chattering.

A charm of goldfinches?

The collective nouns for animals etc., in English are just gas! A pod of whales, an ignorance of politicians, a gaggle of geese, a parasite of lawyers, an exposure of photographers, a bokeh of L-glassers, a resolution of measurebators..

any more suggestions?

In the Further Education sector, a lakh of Principals (the lakh is an ancient Indian unit of measurement, I believe).

Another natural history example is a murmuration of starlings, specifically used to describe the large aerial flocks of starlings that can be seen wheeling in unison in the winter months. A covey of partridges. A wisp of snipe.

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