GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: more high speed sport, toward camera, SAF mode

Brian Wadie wrote:

nope, he is making the point that with a "proper big lens" on a big sensor his DOF is much thinner than it is with our tiddly little ones on a small sensor (which nobody can deny)

True, but then again a big camera and a big lens is much more expensive. As I say, spend that much more and you'd be pretty bumbed if it wasn't better.

which to my point of view is totally irrelevant (unless of course the point of argument is that FF bodies with long lenses are more difficult to focus accurately than m4/3rds sensors with m4/3rds lenses and therefore FF cameras are more clever than m4/3rds bodies 'cos they can focus accurately, even when its hard to do so?    )

I never understand why people want to make life difficult for themselves 

I got a bit lost there but I think I get what your saying, although wiht the DoF avaliable with m4/3 as demonstrated by some of my photos I'd hardly say m4/3 cameras are making it easy for themselves. When the 150mm comes out I would have said any shallower DoF than what that offers is pretty unecessary for spots. Any less and you're only every likely to get 1 player in focus... rubbish for team sports IMO.

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