Handheld stability mystery

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Re: Handheld stability mystery

I should clarify that the Sony EVF is not image stablized  (none of the SLT cameras are, stabilization only kicks in when the image is actually captured.)   So in that way it is like the OVF in the Pentax.

My question is not so much about the stablization systems and image quality.  Both cameras are excellent in that way.  My questiion is really about what it could be that makes me able to hold the K5ii so much more steady than the A65.

I was wondering if it might have something to do with a different optical arrangement of what I was seeing in the viewfinders.  So I bolted a small laser pointer (Barska because those have on/off switches) onto each camera and watched the red spot of light on a distant wall.   The dancing spot of light moved exactly with the view through the viewfinder, so that verified it really is that I can just hold the K5ii more steadily.

The suggestion about muscle tension makes sense to me.  I also wonder about where on the wrist there is pivot point.

I have posted on the Sony forum asking if anyone finds the heavier A77 more steady to hold than the A65, but people seem not to have noticed a difference.  I have read endless discussions  over there about which one is better to buy but I have never seen anyone post that the A77 is more steady to hold or gives better overall image stabliization.

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