want to cancel project but now stuck with images

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Re: Yes, he surely does have another thread and another problem. Hmmm

Rich Rosen wrote:

GRphotos wrote:

iancrowe wrote:


I'd be very wary of offering even psudo-legal advise beyond the classic "Go and talk to a lawyer" as the French legal system differs significantly to those in the US and UK.


This is in  New Jersey USA btw, lol   i find it hilarious that it concerns you to investigate a person who is newbie asking questions, i dont know you but it sounds like you ripped someone off and you think i am this person, im sure its not the case but you have to admit its the internet

the funniest responses i in the newbie questions are like, you should learn how to you your camera before posting here, or your lights, no answer just rants

thanks for trying though

There are some real issues with you! All lancrowe was trying to do was explain that you have both a communications problem and a possible legal problem that is beyond our expertise, because of international law. Why are you slamming him? If this is how you treat your customers, I am beginning to understand why you are having these problems. What is wrong with looking at a profile of a member to try to get a better sense of where an OP is coming from? I do it a great deal. Up to now, no one has blamed you for your issues.  Up to now...

You are in way over your head. Albert, in your other post, said go get into a business course. Make sure it has a good customer service module.

I agree.  However, it is clear that the OP's first language is not English (neither is mine BTW) and his/her response was somewhat harsh, maybe unintentionally.

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