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Re: Why so defensive?

MikeInIndy wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Variable aperture does not matter the slightest. at wide end it is faster than 17-55 by 1/3 stop at long end it is slower by 1/4 stop.

Actually, yeah it does, most professionals and video users would strongly prefer the fixed aperture since the exposure changes as you zoom with a variable aperture lens.

we are talking about photography not video here, aren't we? If video is your priority then you should not be looking at D600 or D7100 full stop, GH3 is a much better suited.

with significant distortion

D600 can afford distortion correction and still have more resolution left than APS-C with 17-55.

Which slows the camera down for processing,

distortion correction takes almost no time in LR. and it is not like you do nto do distortion correction with 17-55 at all.

and perhaps you've forgotten the cameras we're comparing have the same resolution?

D7100 with 17-55 will result in less resolution that  D600 with 24-85 notwithstanding the cameras have same MP count. If you cannot understand why then lets stop here.

and made of plastic

does metal body make you happier? if so then you may well find 17-55 better value.

No but if you bang it into something it has a better chance of survival

Do you bang your lens? and how do you know metal is more shock absorbent and flexible than plastic? is your cars bumper metal or plastic? how about workman's helmet?

is not comparable to a metal constant aperture lens,

IQ is comparable, which is what the debate is all about.

Ignoring every factor other than sharpness, they're relatively close sure...

And why would you ignore the sharpness?

and the 35 f1.4 is full frame just like the 50.

It is , but to achieve the DOf and low light ability of 50 F1.8 on FF you have no other option but to go with 35 F1.4

No, you have the option not to subvert the argument by making a false comparison, the argument is DX lenses are cheaper than FX lenses or vice versa, you can't use 2 FX lenses to make that argument.

Why not?

This would be like me saying "oh well how about the 18-55, oh, they don't have that for FX,

Correct, because it would be too crappy.

well you'll have to compare that 150 dollar lens to a 600 dollar 24-85 since that's the closest FX can get" which is kinda the point,

No. If someone did want to save 500 bucks from a 2500 dollar purchase he can buy the D600 body and a 20 dollar secondhand 28-85, which is  still faster than 18-55.

there's a number of excellently sharp 200 dollar lenses that cover most of the important range for DX.  FX can't even come close to that value.

This is so comically wrong. what other 200 dollar lenses are there? for the same money, you almost always end up with a better value lens on the secondhand market.

Nikon doesn't make a directly comparable lens to the 17-55,

Because who would want a F4 zoom with no VR?

Your answer to this question please.

Nikons closest lens is the 24-120 f4 which is a little cheaper but has a lot of distortion and is not built to the same quality standard.

24-120 F4 has significantly more range. But what we can also compare is 16-85 against 24-120 F3.5-F5.6. the 24-120 is one stop faster and is about 1/2 the price.

The 24-120 variable is again not in the same league of as the 16-85 in really any measurable performance category other than aperture

they are in the same league except the 24-120 is significantly sharper and faster

24-120 on FF

16-85 on APs-C

And that's giving you the benefit of your argument that we must compare a stop faster lenses.

It is the only way to compare.

If it was the only way to compare DX only lenses would be marked with their 35mm equivalent focal length.  And their apertures would be "de-rated" to their 35mm equivalents too.

FL is FL, and aperture ratio is aperture diameter/FL. APS-C lenses are entitled to have correct FL and apeture ratio marked on them.

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