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Nail meet head

that m43 lenses cost less to manufacture... as if you have first had knowledge of the actual cost.  So tell us, what does it cost to make a 45m 1.8?  What % is materials? What % is labor? What % goes to cover the assembly facility? What % goes to cover R&D? And what % to packaging and shipping?

I'm not expecting an answer, I don't think you have a clue.  I don't know either, but I wouldn't be surprised if actual materials are only a small part of the cost.  Assembly likely costs MORE per unit because of lower volume.  R&D costs figure more in a 2 y/o low volume lens than a 10 y/o high volume design.  And yes, there's likely more of a markup to make up for that lower volume.

Sure they could charge much less, and as a result sell more pieces... and lose money on each unit.

The gentleman (and I use that term very loosely here) appears to be wrong far more often than he is right.

Windbag is the term that comes to mind.


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