Handheld stability mystery

Started May 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Handheld stability mystery

Exactly. I like to think in exxaggerated terms to understand a point. This is the reason I dont follow the bandwagon that likes light fluffy cameras. All the little moving parts cause some vibration, but the heavier the camera is as a whole, the more stationary inertia there is to counter the mirror/shutter. Its like if a camera weighed two tons, like a car, in camera vibes would be virtually absent. This is also what the mirrorless crusade fails to realize, small cameras like the NEX line NEED to be mirrorless bc they are so light. I love my OVF, and if my camera is a bit heavier it only helps. I also find a firm grip means you lend the mass of your hand to help, same concept as a tripod.

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