An Open Letter to Simon Joinson, Editor-in-Chief, DPR.

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Re: To be fair...

Joe Pineapples wrote:

Slynky wrote:


If you weren't replying to me, then... nevermind.

I was, but I was just saying it's easier to criticise or make impractical suggestions on the forum about different voting systems and stuff, than to actually implement some policy that works. There may not be any practical, effective solution DPR can implement, however good their intentions.


I understand that. And I don't expect people to understand that I understand that because most don't know me or what I did for a living.

Granted, I don't develop apps these days in a more graphical environment with the usual tools developers use. However, nearly 20 years of my life was spent in the mainframe programming environment where I used FORTRAN IV, COBOL, and IDMS for my toolset in the military intel field. I helped install 17 minicomputers in every military hospital in Europe. And I ended my programming career with several years of Pascal and Clipper on the micros. My new job moved me to IT support (network maintenance and install, desk side training, and, of course, repair and assistance for 200 users). In my last 8 years of 40+ years in the computer field, I worked in graphics design.

Additionally, I worked on the team that helped develop VIPER--an intelligent set of logic rules to analyze electronic "welfare" card use and identify likely abuse/misuse of the monetary benefits given to recipients in the US. (of course, that was about 15 years ago)

This is a long-winded way of saying I understand--probably more than the average person here--what it takes to accomplish what has been discussed. So, the comment about it being difficult to implement some policy/logic/app/programming that gives us some rendition of what has been discussed here for nearly two years was unnecessary. Of course, you wouldn't know that.

However, I would expect Simon would be quite familiar with the difficulty of the things discussed. He would also be in the best position to know what kind of workload the site has, the priorities, and what kind of talent he had available to "throw at it".

So, my comment still stands. Simon, knowing all that he knows, made the same promises that something would be done last year. So, when he says it will be done this year, all I am saying is that "we" have heard a similar promise before. You know the old saying... "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

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