Handheld stability mystery

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Re: Handheld stability mystery

OpticsEngineer wrote:

The image dances around less in the K5ii viewfinder.  I am at least twice as steady holding the K5ii than I am the A65.    I find this with all my lenses.

There is a small difference in the mass of the cameras so the force you apply from body shake will move the Pentax slightly less, but I doubt if you would see this. The logical explanation would be something about the Pentax body makes you hold it differently or tense muscles differently that produce a beneficial effect.  The way someone else holds the sony might produce a beneficial effect in the other direction.

I'm fond of telling people that different cameras work better for different people : the fact I find Pentax works best for me doesn't mean it work better for them ...

Is a steadier shooting experience something Pentax is known for?

Ergonomics in general yes, steadier shooting specifically I don't think so.

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