D7100 Buffer Issues

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Re: D7100 Buffer Issues

Big45acp wrote:

Can someone explain to me what the "buffer problem" is with the D7100?

And by explain I mean, tell me what you think the camera should do.

i.e. how many frames should you be able to shoot before the buffer is full, how many FPS, what resolution should these frames be, should it be RAW or JPEG, and on average how many frames should you be able to take in say a 15 second period of time?

Most importantly, please include the camera which meets the standard you have provided.

I would like to get some perspective and context to the "problem".

The D300s was a pretty good safari camera and also good for birding. The characteristics which combined to make that so (apart from ergonomics and rugged build) were (are)

  • Very good AF module, very capable in tracking moving subjects
  • High Frame rate for capturing action sequences.
  • Deep enough buffer to be able to capture action sequences that last longer than a second or two.

The D7100 has as good or perhaps even better AF module, and it has a fairly fast maximum frame rate, so it would be good for capturing action sequences except for the fact that the buffer is not large enough to capture more than about 7 raw images (about a seconds worth) at the maximum burst rate. The issue is that it is so near yet so far.

The are work arounds.

  • A partial work around is to hone your timing to ensure that you capture the peak of the action with a short burst. Its only a partial workaround because it doesn't answer the desire to capture a sequence lasting several seconds.
  • Shoot jpeg for action sequences.
  • Shoot 12 bit compressed raw in the 1.3 crop mode. I don't own a D7100 but some claim that this allows you to capture long action sequences at maximum rate.

If you don't need or want to capture bursts at maxim rate for several seconds then its not an issue at all.

I'm certain that there will be a D300 replacement this year that will fully answer the buffer depth issue. If the D7100 had this capability it would tread on its toes.



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