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Re: More testing done......

Guy Parsons wrote:

Target tapestry on wall, small halogen lamp in bottom right of frame. Camera on tripod. At 4:3 ratio.

E-PL5 with 45-150mm at as close to possible to 55mm at maximum aperture f/4.4

Matrix 1/3 sec, centre weighted 1/1.6 sec, spot 1/1.6 sec.

Now with Nikon 55/2.8 lens at an aperture to get the same centre weighted shutter time.

Matrix 1/2 sec, centre weighted 1/1.6 sec, spot 1/1.6 sec.

So it supports what Anders said, the matrix metering does seem to work with a foreign lens.

Last night with a simpler setup there was no difference in matrix and centre weighted, but I think now that the camera was on 16:9 yesterday and that may distort the metering, at 4:3 the lamp was truly in the corner.

Though not as much variation between the matrix and centre weighted with the Nikon lens compared to the Panasonic lens. Did the lens swap back and forth a few times and did the same test and the results were the same each time.

So my memory was faulty, matrix does work with foreign lenses but maybe not quite as effectively as when using a native lens. Nothing like testing it yourself to see who is telling the truth.

Test target.

Regards...... Guy

Good that our findings eventually line-up Guy. Where would science be without proper replication?

I'll try to replicate your test of whether ESP metering works differently with native than with foreign lenses when I find the time and see what I come up with. There might well be a difference in how it works, as your findings suggest, but I am not sure.

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