Getting the best out of your 6D

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Re: Getting the best out of your 6D

ianbrown wrote:

Having had the 6D for a couple of months and taken about 4000 images I can say (for me) its a good but not great camera. Now to make it a great camera it may need better lenses and a better technique, tripod, mirror up etc.

I went to Vegas and Grand Canyon with 6D and 24-70 F4 and Tamron 70-300 VC. I got some pleasing images but to be honest maybe no better than a high end APS would have got.

I know that RAW may produce better images, but in the real world when you visit places of interest you are limited to almost snap shot techniques. Yes you can do the best of a bad job, ensure composition etc is good but when it comes to maximising the FF sensor  I guess you really need the prime lenses, RAW and tripod, mirror up etc. By this time your family have moved on and you are in the bad books!

I suppose this is where compromise and a second camera comes in?

I always like to think I have the best camera with me at all times but ensuring you get the best image is a different matter.


God what nonsense.

You need a second camera even though you don't know how to use the first one properly?

Why are you limited to 'snapshot techniques'? Why can't you shoot RAW and get the best quality out of the camera?


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