Take a look if you have the time...

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Re: Take a look if you have the time...

Dear Jim

Good to revisit your work after a long time. Seeing the new work you are doing and the "old" stuff with all types of cams was a real pleasure for me - a warm homecoming feeling. The site is superb, no cliches at all that I could see.

Your work is a testament to the fact that it is the photographer not the gear that makes and captures the soul of great images. Not that the cameras you have used are slouches either, but the resonating lesson to be appreciated from every image you have on the site is that YOU choose the light and are there when the light "works" for your vision - something that many do not bother with nowadays and expect the DR of camera sensor to cope with all sorts of crappy light conditions in any old time of day and somehow let the camera make "magic" ... nothing is further from the truth - photography is hard work, and you certainly work very hard at making astounding images.

Thank you for sharing

Warm regards


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