Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

jon404 wrote:

Retired from Qualcomm 3 years ago... the company that designs the chips that go in smartphones. I can tell you -- for an absolute fact -- that if Samsung or LG or Apple came to us with a request for a fully-featured smartphone camera... the chip support... it would be done, and done fast. The software-engineering side moves very, very rapidly. I doubt that camera makers like Nikon and Canon have any comprehension -- of how fast the chip-based 'submarine technology' is coming up at them, like a hungry shark at a fat and lazy swimmer.

So much, of course, is software. And, basically trivial to make a 'digital darkroom app' to let out the user's creative side on whatever passes for RAW on a smartphone. Probably apps out there already; I haven't kept up. Beyond that, wouldn't be hard to build in a radio-wireless trigger for external flash... and, watch out, suddenly you've got a VERY portable 'pro' product. Wedding candids, anyone?

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Yes, for sometime now just about everything that can be done in a darkroom can be done easily and well in software.  There is no real dispute about that but if you want to do something as simple as have real depth of field control going to a high quality sensor then a mobile phone is really going to struggle unless you make it at least about three inches deep.  There have been DOF simulation softwares for a while but the results are hit and miss and fake.  Without that your wedding candids are going to be really bland, two dimensional and uninspiring.  I say it again.  Phone cameras fill the niche that the Kodak Instamatic filled quite nicely and the Instamatic never came close to killing off the SLR.  If you take your DSLR to a wedding to do the real work I doubt that you would be using a shoehorned iPhone that much if at all.  At the least I would be using a half frame compact if I wanted to be discreet but good.

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