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Re: [nx300] Continuous shooting high - Please Samsung fix this

jennyrae wrote:

not offended but sad. what is goal achieved by repeating issue in every topic? will it solve problem? maybe contact Samsung support and repeat issue to make product better. readers not make camera solve problem but bring eyesore. also, honest and true observation is samsung forum lack pictures from users compare with other camera forums. I see when I see visit, problem, problem, problem like its end of the world. more focus of negative energy than positive appreciation. it is true, yes? no wonder why samsung product not appreciated because lack of appreciation to use equipment here. atleast sigma and others, focus on actual use, post pictures and appreciate cameras for what it can do than testing. any weakness, correction, bug is only treated as it is one time and not make big deal about it. i'm saying this forum need serious facelift and attitude of owners. just saying honest and true observation. sad and depressing. sorry, just i dont like forum with negative energy. maybe try listen to advice also. not good for heart.

So, because you only want people to like Samsung's cameras, you don't think they should warn other of issues with their cameras?

Just how selfish are you?

Perhaps you should get busy making threads posting pics taken with your camera.

It's not the end users fault when a company messes things up for some people.

I imagine you woudn't be happy if they had dropped the camera from 20 to 5 megapixels.

Different people have different requirements from these cameras.

And when flaws are noticed, I think it's only right that they are pointed out to other potential buyers.

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