Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 now $117

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Re: Isn`t it too expensive at the regular price?

Thanks for the response Agualdram...

Are Leicas and Hasseblads any  stabilized?

Image stabilization, same as metal bodies is something nice to have, but still, serious photographers shooting with large formats, people buying the expensive Leicas and Haselblads, don't care about image stabilization.

Like the great Ken Rocckwell says:

"The Leica man knows how to hold his camera. He is never flustered, no matter what may be going on around him.

The LEICA's image stabilization comes from the quiet, unflappable confidence inherent in every Leica photographer.

There is no need for any other IS or VR system in either your M9 or your LEICA lenses. Adding them would only detract from the extraordinary image quality that is the LEICA. Why would you want your images degraded?"


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