Nikon D7000 backfocus sent 3 times to Nikon, still sucks

Started May 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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paintballnsk Forum Member • Posts: 57
Nikon D7000 backfocus sent 3 times to Nikon, still sucks


My D7000 is backfocusing, even a hair more than a -20 can correct. The -20 get it really close, but I still feel it's a hair off.

I've sent it to repair 3 times, twice through best buy, once direct to nikon. The first time, they replaced the AF Sensor. The second time they cleaned it and didn't do anything. The 3rd time they said they adjusted the mirror.

Best Buy said they would lemon it and give me another one, but it's from the same batch of cameras. So should I push them to ship me another one instead, or just beg for a return? I bought it in November, but didn't really notice it until February, when I tried doing to some f1.8 35mm shots at about a 2 ft range. It's very sharp shooting in live view. And the picture look sharp through the viewfinder, but comes out backfocusing when the shot is actually taken.

I did a band shoot 2 weeks ago and the camera WRECKED it. Tried shooting the lead singer, and the bass player 1-2ft behind her would be sharply in focus while I couldn't get her dialed in to save my life.

What do I do? 3 times returned is BS. I feel like they didn't even test it before returning it. But 3 times!!?!

As a reference, I have a d5100, used with 2-3 of the exact same lenses and it's tack sharp with no fine tune.

If Best Buy will refund it, does the D7100 have the same issues that anyone knows of? Because that's probably what I'm gonna buy if I get a refund.


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