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Re: Solid-state angular rate sensors

ppotka wrote:

Olympus uses terms gyroscopic sensor or gyro sensor or gyro-sensor. I am referring to those when I write "gyro". While Olympus has used eg. piezoelectric sensors, I don't know the exact principle of  detection in those sensors inside OM-D. Do you?


When talking jargon, using the correct terms is important - at least it is in English. You can look up the term "gyro(scope)" in any dictionary, including technical ones, and you can also look up the term "solid-state angular rate sensor" or "angular rate sensor."

A gyroscope is very different from an angular rate sensor.  A gyroscope is a rotating mass. An angular (aka rate sensor), solid state or other, merely measures forces vua various approaches. For example, a Segway or a modern R/C helicopter uses angular rate sensors. The same type sensor is used in optical stabilization systems. Considering the size constraints in small consumer electronics, solid-state or electro-mechanical rate sensors are used.

I don't want to be a pecker about this, but you give me little choice, Pekka.




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