Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 now $117

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Re: Isn`t it too expensive at the regular price?

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

Hi Waxwaine,

You ignored the main point of my post: I still believe the Pentax 1.8 at $250 is expensive compared with similar FF lens offerings from Canon/Nikon ($100-$120 for 50mm F1.8).

By the way, the FF Canon 6D body costs $1,799 which is only $400 dollars more than the Pentax K5II-s body (see any retail for latest prices.  i.e.: B&H=$1,399).

Then, a FF 6D with 50mm F1.8 in Canon will be $1,899 and the Pentax K5iis with 50mm/F1.8 will be $1,650. The net difference is only $250.  Probably new users and people who want to buy a good system may have something to think about.....

Regarding the "cheap" plastic constrution, most people don't care about body construction, as long as you get the most important part right: a nice sensor, good optics, excellent AF systems and advanced TTL flash system.

Never saw anybody taking pictures through the titanium body construction   Also most users don't keep the bodies for more than 5 or 6 years, particularly nowadays with so much and quite fast technology innovation. Then, this is another reason why not to care too much about metal bodies.

Do you read what you write you sound completely ridiculous !

You buy a top class body to put a piece of consumer fodder on it ?

get real.

How much for the Canon 50mm FF stabilized lens ?

Canon ef 50 f1.8 = £73 = not stabilized

Canon ef 50 f1.4 = £270 = not stabilized

Canon ef 50 f1.2 = £1200 = not Stabilized

Canon ef 85 f.18 = £300 = not stabilized

Canon ef 85 f1.2 = £1200 = not stabilized

oh well move along nothing here !!

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