What makes Pentax special?

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Re: What makes Pentax special?

You make a very valid point that I'd like to add my own thoughts on.

Pentax cheap primes are a cut above anything else

Pentax cheap zooms are = or slightly sub compared with competition.

Pentax top Digital Primes are outstanding with no compromise to sucker the speed gods.

Pentax top analogue primes are a little different to anything anyone else makes.

Pentax top zooms have a little of the 'Pentax prime' magic but often suffer CA due to sharpness.

What it all adds upto is a path different to Canikon options , Where it falls down is when folks assume its like any other hobby and they can buy themselves credibility.

When they find their purchases (bodies) have low resale value and their images are met with bland stares the disillusionment sets in and they move to the main brands and get the biggest branded strap they can find

Unfortunate, their images remain bland and their resentment increases.

Pentax is as special and Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus etc because they all offer something that the others don't. Whether the user wants that something is a personal choice that should be made with knowledge not stupidity.!

As they say  "Caveat emptor" or " fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

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