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Re: E-PL5 in a Pretty Dress?

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MSRP should be $300- $400 more than current prices for the E-PL5 and you still have to pay $200 extra for the viewfinder. IDK... it could be worth the extra cost.

That price point would be north of the E-M5.  Tough sell if they price it that high.

It's the new camera, it may go for more than the E-M5, but I bet it'll MSRP under the OM-D. Initially it may go for more on the street, but it will fall below OM-D prices before long. Then before long after that the new E-M6/E-M7 or whatever it will be called will be out and sell for more.
How Olympus positions this camera and how newness to market/product cycles affects price are different things and shouldn't be confused. Look at E-P3 prices these days!! I was >this< close to getting one before the E-P5 photos leaked!

I'll bet $799 MSRP.  Which, with an EVF, brings it to E-M5 level, and splits the difference between an E-M5 and an E-PL5.  Not everybody will want an EVF, so this makes some sense.  That, and the pricing on the Gen 2 sensor cameras aren't moving at all.  I just went looking for an E-PL5, and they're still sitting firm at $600.

We'll see on the 10th when they announce the thing. I got my E-PL5 for $400 with lens NIB! I could care less about a viewfinder on this type of camera.

All of the old sensor cameras have plummeted in price since the new crop came out.  For anybody who is willing to put up with the shortcomings of the Gen 1 sensors, the prices on them can't be beat.  Cameta has E-P3 refurbs @ ~$360 or so.

GEN 1 sensors are good enough for me. I'm currently on the hunt for a dirt cheap GF2.

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