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Re: Confirmed on my new RX100

Renard DellaFave wrote:

Travis wrote:

Just got the RX100 today.  This was one of the first things I noticed taking videos around the house.  The video is underexposed by nearly a full stop

I did some comparisons with my Canon S100, that I upgraded from, and in all the indoor test scenes, the RX100 chose a much better, and usually brighter, exposure.  So I have to conclude that it may be almost a stop below its stills, but it isn't necessarily underexposed.

This is typical of what I saw with indoor video.  In some scenes the Canon was even darker.  In only one case was it brighter.

I'm not sure that showing another example of underexposure is justification for the RX100's.  Those both look significantly underexposed to me.

As I mentioned, I am currently comparing both the LX7 and the RX100.  What I've noticed so far is that the LX7 tends to overexpose both stills and videos at default, while the RX100 seems spot on with stills but underexposes video.  After playing around with it some more tonight, however, it does not seem to be the deal-breaker that I feared.   And like some others mentioned, it mainly rears its ugly head when it is dark anyway - in bright light, the exposure seems better.

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